Advantages whyRSL
Maintenance free
Light and easy to transport
No rust
Will not taint contents
Resists ultra-violet damage
Prevents algae growth
Environmentally friendly material
Non-toxic food grade polyethylene
No leaching


We use world-class technology in Rotational Moulding process to manufacture Rota Tanks. This leading technology uses Polyethylene, which is an extremely tough, durable, lightweight, thermoplastic material. The colour and ultra-violet stabilizers are compounded to give long-term resistance and stability in harsh sun. No chemical reaction takes place during the manufacturing process of our tanks so there are no chemical residues or by-products in Rota Tanks to taint your water.


Water Tanks
10,000 Litres
5,000 Litres
3,000 Litres
1,000 Litres
Septic Tanks
Compost Bins
Dog Kennel
Water Rollers




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